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Our Approach

We’ve changed the definition of “overnight success.”

Assign tasks in the evening, and the results are flawless when you wake up the next morning. You can count on us to turn out higher-quality work quicker and more effectively with our virtual personal accountants.

Our approach at BusAcTa Advisors is developed to guarantee efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality in every service we provide. With extensive experience collaborating with multinational businesses, CPAs, and EAs, we provide two different service models designed to fulfill your needs.

A project-based model provides you with flexibility and accuracy.

Our project-based model best fits short-term clients with specialized accounting and tax needs. This strategy gives you the freedom to effectively handle any special projects, recurring obligations, or responsibilities. To keep your business competitive and flexible, we collaborate directly with you to identify the necessary resources, monitor engagements for quality and compliance, and fully understand your project goals.

A Staffing Model enables you to have Dedicated Support and Controlled Costs.

The Staffing Model works well for customers needing highly qualified accountants and tax specialists who will work only for them for a certain period. This approach is ideal for businesses handling additional tasks, special projects, or employee absences. Using this strategy can save you money on expenses related to hiring full-time staff, allowing you more time to concentrate on your core business duties and improve operational effectiveness—even during busy times of the year. Our goal is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and documents so that temporary employees can grow into productive members of your team.

We prioritize your success with our client-centric approach. We offer excellent financial solutions in both service types and prioritize customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. We provide instant financial data and 24/7 operations due to our global time zone coverage, optimized processes, and industry best practices. BusAcTa Advisors provides excellent outsourced services and builds lasting relationships with clients. Our goal is your success.

How does a CPA firm outsource?

Step 1:

Consult and evaluate

Our accounting outsourcing begins with a thorough consultation. For your CPA practice's unique issues, we analyze the current system. The aim? Find areas where our solutions can help.

Step 2:

Client Specific Solutions

After a thorough investigation, we will create a Customized Outsourcing Plan that meets company goals. Once the firm agrees with our solution, we will sign an NDA and SLA.

Step 3:

Ensure Smooth Onboarding

We guide you to set up reliable communication and document-sharing systems. Our task and job trackers organize everything.

Step 4:

Project Execution & Reporting

We work with you and follow instructions to deliver great results. After completion, we share SOPs, statements, and other critical papers created during execution.

Step 5:

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is crucial for any professional, so we continuously check the execution and reporting process to ensure it meets or exceeds CPA firm standards. We value client feedback and use it to deliver what they want.

Still wondering, “How does accounting tax outsourcing work during the busy business season?” or “How can outsourcing elevate my CPA firm?”.

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Experience the peace that comes with BusAcTa Advisors, where we ensure accuracy in all we do. Trust us with your tax and financial records, and concentrate on growing your company instead of worrying about things. Contact us today. Let’s investigate how we can streamline your accounting and tax procedures, and ways to increase your profitable opportunities. It is our goal to ensure your success.

Are you in need of remote staffing solutions for your CPA firm?

Are you tired of managing in-house employees and need someone who can do your work seamlessly? Increase profits by leveraging our remote staffing solutions to improve operations.

Is accounting becoming a hurdle in your business growth?

Our comprehensive bookkeeping services empower your business. Our experts handle bookkeeping and complex financial statements to ensure your financial success.
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